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Who is Gillian Hanna? 

House of Hanna's Founder, Gillian Hanna, stands at the intersection of business and fashion.
Born to a Bahamian father and a Jamaican mother, Gillian is like most island girls with dreams. She grew up in Nassau, The Bahamas where women wore their personalities. They adorned themselves in decadent, colorful hairstyles and color-coordinated master-fits. For the Bahamian woman, looking good was and still is a good way of life.
As a child, Gillian enjoyed climbing trees and making others laugh. While she may not spend as much time climbing trees, she still enjoys a good laugh! The one and true clown in the room, okay?! Gillian fell in love with Audrey Hepburn's character from My Fair Lady after she wore a hat to the Kentucky Derby. This was a special moment for her because not only did she love hats but horses too! She realized that fashion and its many hats were not only for Sundays. It was for the girl who wanted to be memorable.
This is why it shouldn’t surprise you that she names Audrey Hepburn, Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, and Ralph Lauren as some of her favorite fashion icons. The thing that Audrey and the designers have in common is their love for simple elegance. Everything that they wore or designed was tasteful, clean, classic, and elegant. Perfect ingredients for a personal style that evolves with the ages.
Speaking of personal style, Gillian describes hers as “casual chic”... although you may need to be the judge of that! She loves a look that turns heads with the right accessories to match. If you give her a pair of statement earrings and a designer handbag, she is a happy, fashionable girl! Despite her love for a casual chic look, Gillian believes that she was born in the wrong era. The perfect fashion era lies between the late 1800s and early 1900s. That's the era of crinoline dresses, corsets that made waistlines disappear, sweetheart cuts, ruffles, and the like. From the dresses to the diamonds and the gloves, Gillian would be happiest if she could dress like she was going to the opera every day!
So you know that running a business as a millennial woman is not easy right? One of the most important things you will ever wear in fashion is confidence. This is not only useful for your style but in life and business. Gillian prides herself on her good energy, honesty, trustworthiness, inner joy. She encourages young women to listen to Destiny's Child's and "leave your man at home". Kidding! Gillian believes that women should not be afraid to get up, work hard, and find inventive ways to make their own money. There is a reason why men controlled finances for so long… it brings freedom. Try to taste that for yourself.
While there is so much more to learn about this proud, smart, charming woman on the move, we will leave the rest up to your imagination. In the meantime, stay connected with her via Instagram
This is Gillian Hanna. And House of Hanna, well, it’s a start to all her fashionable dreams coming true.
Care to dream?