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yes we rebranded in the middle of a global pandemic

Yes, we rebranded in the middle of the pandemic.

July 30, 2020

Now is a wonderful time to revamp your wardrobe

Picture this: it’s July 30, 2020, A.D. (the Year of our Lord), and we’re still sheltered in place.
That sexy little traipse around Greece that you planned for this Summer? Canceled. The new car that you saved up all last year to buy and stunt on everyone with? Not purchased. Every outfit that you planned to wear this year because you plan your looks six months out? Worn in the living room… or at someone’s 10-person only backyard shindig if you were lucky. And the reason fall of this… madness? COVID-19 or so they say.

This year will go down as the most confusing, maddening, frightening, enlightening, interesting, and chaotic year ever. And, again, it’s still only July 30, 2020!

Before this year came to a grinding halt, we toyed with the idea of a rebrand.

True women of the wardrobe, we took the concept of “not wearing the same thing twice” and applied it to our brand. Sort of. If you ever owned a business or even considered owning one, you know that the first 3-5 years can be pretty tricky. You may start and end often or you may start and change your mind about what the business should be altogether. Whatever it is, running a business is tough. It's as tough as finding something to wear in a sea of unworn clothes with tags still on them!
And we love every bit of it.
Seriously, we wouldn’t trade it for the world... not the world we live in right now at least. Anyway, despite the drama, the #HOHWoman somehow figured it out. As someone’s Grammy said, we did it “by hook or crook”! And here we are today, a new website, rebranded, relaunched, and ready to help you revamp your entire look. There could be no better time than now for you to revisit your style.

Many people shared stories about how the pandemic made them reassess and reroute their livesDespite the many setbacks, we heard many success stories that left us inspired. They reassured us that we made the right decision. 

Looking good and dressing well may not solve all your current problems

But they’ll help to make you feel better. When you feel good about yourself, you can think good thoughts about yourself. So, consider this blog post less of a style tip and more of a life hack. No one knows what’s to come and this pandemic teaches us that this is the true beauty of life.
Obsessing over a future that isn't guaranteed sure has a way of ruining a good look! It's like adding one too many accessories to an otherwise perfect island woman outfit. Don't you hate that? We do. When you accept that you don't know the future, you live in the moment. Living in the present is fun! You get to do the things that scare you (like put all of your savings into a business) and dare to dream big. Like... super big. In the middle of a global pandemic.
So if you're reading this and pondering whether or not you should launch that business? We say start where you're at and with what you have. The provisions always come when you take risks and do things with your whole heart! Start small, big, broke, unsure... whatever! Do it now and be thankful that you did it much later. 
Remember that taking risks and dreaming big is what life should be about! We're happy to indulge and invite you to do the same as you shop with and support the continued evolution of our brand.
Happy shopping, love!

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